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Where Each Child Can Find Warmth and Hope

Grand Prize: DREAM CAR FOR $20

2nd Prize $1000

3rd Prize $500

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A Warm Embrace for

Every Child

Children are precious and need to be protected at all costs. As each child may not have all the resources they need to thrive, especially during winter, we have found a solution to this issue. At Mississippi Coats4Kidz in Batesville, we give new coats to children in Mississippi. We promise to provide each child with the apparel they need to stay safe and warm. Continue browsing our website or contact us today for more information.

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Our Mission

We will ensure that every child in the state of Mississippi has a winter coat and other items needed to keep them warm when the temperature drops. Also, we strive to educate parents about the negative effects children feel when they get cold.

The effects go far beyond a physical need, affecting their schoolwork and peer pressure from classmates for not having a coat. No child in this state should be without a coat!

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Our Vision

MC4K’s vision is to keep as many children warm as we possible. Some families have to choose between coats for their children and food on the table. Food on the table wins every time.

We believe that no child should be cold. Here, we provide more than just coats. We show love, care, and compassion. Most of all, we let all the children know that they are loved. We are making a difference, one child at a time.

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About Our Organization